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When the two clashed a second time, Spider-Man managed to neutralize the virus in Jameson's body by a high dosage of electricity.When Jameson recovered, his strength was no longer superhuman.Jonah Jameson, was one of the youngest applicants to ever be accepted into NASA's astronaut program.

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(paternal grandfather, deceased)Betty Jameson (paternal grandmother, presumed deceased)Marla Madison (step-mother, deceased)David Burnoll (paternal grand-uncle/step-grandfather; presumed deceased)Mrs.

Franklin (aunt, deceased)Jerry Franklin (uncle)Martha Franklin (cousin/adoptive sister, deceased)Jennifer Walters (ex-wife)May Parker-Jameson (step-grandmother) Colonel John Jameson, son of newspaper mogul J.

For months, Jameson tried to find a way to fight the three nights of transformation; finally acquiring a radiation suit he hoped would screen out the moon's rays. In his native New York City on the first night of his fifth month of his transformations, Jameson began to stalk his own father in an instinctive quest for help.

The elder Jameson was shocked by the seeming attack of the Man-Wolf, and suspected the creature was in partnership with Spider-Man, who happened by in time to fight the werewolf. Jonah Jameson saw the pendant around the Man-Wolf's neck and recognized it as his son's.

Although it would take months before the injury to his throat would heal, John Jameson was cured of his lunar-triggered transformations.

Spider-Man threw the pendant into the Hudson River. Director Nick Fury escorted Jameson to NASA headquarters where he was wanted being absent without leave.

At the successful completion of the mission, Jameson felt a strange compulsion to possess the unique gemstone, and with the assistance of a colleague, Jameson had it recovered from quarantine and made into a pendant.

Jameson was wearing it around his throat on the first night of a full moon when lunar luminescence reacted with the pendant, causing him to transform into a wolf like humanoid creature.

When it appeared that Spider-Man was involved in a bank robbery, J.

Jonah Jameson persuaded his son to use his strength to subdue the web-slinger and thus become a public hero.

Morbius hoped to use the Man-Wolf as his pawn in a scheme to cure himself of his vampiric affliction, but that scheme was thwarted by Spider-Man. Again afflicted by monthly transformations, the Man-Wolf's rampages attracted the attention of the police department, who assigned special investigator Simon Stroud to the case. The invaders revealed to Jameson that they had come from the dimension in which his gemstone originated.

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