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An employer may pay wages by direct deposit, so long as the employee has consented to the deposit and the wages are deposited into a financial institution of the employee’s choosing. When an employee is discharged from employment by the employer, no matter the reason, the employer must pay the employee all wages due within 3 working days. 23.5.140 When an employee voluntarily quits or resigns employment, the employer must pay the employee by the next regular pay day. 23.5.140 When an employee leaves employment as a result of a labor dispute, the employer must pay the employee by the next regular pay day. 23.5.170 When an employee is temporarily laid off, the employer must pay the employee by the next regular pay day. 23.5.170 If there is a dispute between the employer and the employee regarding wages due, the employer must give the employee written notice to the employee of the wages, or part of the wages, that the employer concedes to be due, and must pay that amount, without condition, within the time required, depending on whether the employee was discharged or voluntarily quit. Alaska employers cannot require an employee to receive payment of wages by direct deposit.

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Hidden cameras: The state law applies only to images — whether film or photograph, in print or electronic — that include nudity. Criminal penalties: Violation of the eavesdropping statute is a misdemeanor carrying a penalty of up to a year in jail.

Additionally, those convicted of the statute face a fine of up to $10,000.

The crime of indecent viewing or photography is a misdemeanor if the subject viewed is an adult, and a felony if the subject is a minor.

Disclosing recordings: A person who intercepts a private conversation cannot legally divulge or publish the information without consent of at least one party.

In-person conversations: A reporter may tape any in-person conversation with a subject, as the state requires the consent of just one party to the conversation.

That consent includes that of the reporter initiating such electronic communication. A person who views or produces a picture of a nude or partially nude person without consent commits the crime of “indecent viewing or photography.” Alaska Stat.

If you feel a child or pet has been left unattended in a car for an inordinate amount of time, especially during extreme weather conditions, dial 911 and remain at the vehicle in question until authorities arrive.

Alaska law enforcement authorities strongly advocate the nation's Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately (REDDI) program.

Similarly, any private communication a person knows or reasonably should know was obtained illegally cannot be divulged or used for anyone’s benefit.

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