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No amount of worry or condemnation is going to change the way children express themselves sexually.

The personal values of parents aren't going to influence their children's sexual orientation.

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According to research by Michael La Sala, these days more and more families who assumed their children were heterosexual are having to adjust while their teenagers are still at home and just beginning to date same sex partners.

No longer can parents assume their child's sexual orientation is what they expected it to be, nor that their child will keep it hidden when it isn't.

The good news is that many families make this adjustment just fine.

In fact many no longer assume their child will be heterosexual, but understand that a child's sexual orientation is something many boys and girls question at one time or another.

A child's sexual orientation isn't the result of something that parents did, or didn't do. In the broad spectrum of who we are as people, our sexual orientation, and the gendered roles we play, are fluid.

Second, parents need to deal with their disappointment and fears.Third, children adjust better when their parents are their loudest advocates.There are many famous people who we respect regardless of their sexual orientation.When we advocate for the rights of gays and lesbians, regardless of the personal beliefs we hold, we ensure a world that is socially just and fair.Parents need to show their tolerance, and model it for others, by telling others about their kids and standing up for their rights.Every time I listen to my straight female friends bitch about the (innocently) dumb things men do, I can't help but think, Straight men are completely and utterly clueless when it comes to women. Because nothing is less sexy to a girl than when you ask, “Can I kiss you?

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