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The goal of this website is to provide website owners with a tool to find quality link exchange partners for the purpose of increasing website traffic and link popularity with search engines.Specific requirements must be met to be included in our categorized directory of link exchange partners.

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We do NOT include sites that run free-for-all links pages, link farms, or other similar type of sites.

We do not provide mass emailing services to contact every website representative within a category because we believe that link exchange partners must be chosen carefully and individually in order to maximize the benefits of such exchange.

Factors such as theme relevance, traffic levels, popularity rank, and specific trade requirements and instructions should be taken into consideration when selecting other sites to swap links with.

We offer 2 main ways to earn money with our SEO Plugin.

As an affiliate, drive traffic to our sign up forms and receive awesome commissions.

Help your site visitors get the accurate currency information they need.

Use any of these HTML code snippets to link to our home page or online currency tools.

Quickly create your account and add the required information about your domain.

Then follow the quick and easy process of installing the plugin.

Step by step installation process, plug it and forget it.

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