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It guides short-term interest rates with the fed funds rate. A liquidity glut develops when there is too much capital looking for too few investments. As cheap money chases fewer and fewer profitable investments, then the prices of those assets increase.

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It created massive amounts of liquidity with quantitative easing. That leads to "irrational exuberance." Investors only think that the prices will rise.

The Fed injected $4 trillion into the economy by buying bank securities, such as Treasurys. Low rates reduce the risk of borrowing because the return only has to be higher than the interest rate. Everyone wants to buy so they don't miss out on tomorrow's profit. Eventually, a liquidity glut means more of this capital becomes invested in bad projects.

High liquidity occurs when there are a lot of these assets.

Low or tight liquidity is when cash is tied up in non-liquid assets.

Banks become risk-averse when they already have a lot of bad loans on their books.

A liquidity trap is when the Federal Reserve's monetary policy doesn't create more capital. Families and businesses are afraid to spend, no matter how much credit is available.The Federal Reserve manages liquidity with monetary policy.It measures liquidity with the money supply, such as M1, M2, and M3.They've also taken advantage of low-interest rate loans to buy cars and get an education.It's too soon to say whether these consumer spending trends are permanent, or just a reaction to the recession.As the ventures go defunct and don't pay out their promised return, investors are left holding worthless assets.

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