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We can help you with any special arrangements you require for your test.For example, we offer support for people with visual impairments, hearing difficulties and dyslexia.Need to make an international phone call and not sure which dialing code to use?

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) was a member of a class of light cavalry, originating in Eastern and Central Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries, originally Hungarian.

The title and distinctive dress of these horsemen were subsequently widely adopted by light cavalry regiments in European and European colonial armies in the late 17th and 18th centuries.

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IELTS is designed to be a fair test and your English language ability will be assessed objectively, regardless of any special needs that you may have.

Our bank details are provided in the registration summary email you'll receive after completing the online registration form.

In the REFERENCE section of your payment please write your name, surname and test date Copies of your results If you would like your results to be sent to universities or other educational institutions, please enter the relevant addresses in the appropriate fields on the online registration form. After registering you will receive an automatic email with your access codes to the free online course: Road to IELTS.Please make sure you upload the following documents when you register for your test: The cost of sitting a test is 196 €.You can pay for your test in one of the following ways: i) Online through the Online Registration System ii) Via a bank transfer within five days of registering online.Your Speaking test may be offered on the same day, or up to a week before or after your main test day.You will receive notification in advance if your Speaking test is on a different day to your main test day.We realised it was extremely difficult to get hold of a PDF digital 13 line colour coded Tajweed Quran in Indo Pak font, so we've been doing our best to make it available for quite some time.

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