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But God knows what went wrong in their relationship, and they separated in 2011.After Jaden Smith, she started dating Bryce Cass for a short time and later she was rumored with Cameron Boyce.

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Madison Pettis is a young actress, voice actress, and a model.

She is just 18 years old and is already making it big in the television and Hollywood.

At the age of just sixteen, she seems girl with sharp intuition, highly creative, musical and literate.

A She is an excellent student and always gets A grades.

They started dating since 2006, and she always has a good instinct about him.

She always thought he best suits her, and both of them appeared cozy whenever they were together.

Her parents Steven Pettis (father) and Michelle Pettis (mother) must be proud of her expressed their much love for her.

She is blessed with older brother Steven Pettis Jr. Belonging to American nationality, she has mixed ethnical background.

I just said ‘What’s Up’ and somehow she saw it and replied and the rest is history.” Pettis is best known for her role with the Disney Channel’s “Cory in the House” or, perhaps, her time as The Rock’s daughter in “The Game Plan.” It’s not immediately clear where Porter Jr., an 18-year-old who lived in Missouri until his senior season in Seattle, met Pettis, who lives in Los Angeles. spends another year in Columbia, Mo., before (one assumes) heading to the NBA.

Then again, this is the millenial era, and kids find the most unique ways to connect and remain a part of each other’s lives. and Pettis can’t do the same, no matter how busy they each are.

Blessed with naturally curly hair super-gorgeous Madison Michelle Pettis professionally famous as Madison Pettis are an actress, voice actress, and model by her profession.

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