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— Avatars -- virtual persons: A new system makes it possible to practice and improve motion sequences by providing individualized feedback in real time.— Computing lighting that looks real remains complex and inefficient, as the necessary consideration of all possible paths light can take remains too costly to be performed for every pixel in ...On 4 July 2007 Jelsoft announced that Jelsoft had been acquired by Internet Brands, which promised significant investment in software development.

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During this time Jeremy Hutchings joined the development team, a.k.a.

However, version 3 was finally released in March 2004.

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As there was still a demand for the software, Limm and Percival created Jelsoft and released their work as a paid solution, called v Bulletin 1.

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In December 2002, v Bulletin 3 was beginning development.

Percival decided to step down as lead developer and product manager, turning his roles over to Kier Darby.v Bulletin 3 was under development for nearly two years as it went from a mere improvement on v Bulletin 2 to a complete rewrite.

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