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This is fine, but they might get killed in a car accident before their tenth birthday, or be too ugly to find a partner, or get an infectious disease anyway because 1% less risk isn’t really much less risk.

If my child survives, and passes her mutation on to millions of other people all with their randomly distributed level of other good and bad genes and good and bad luck, then maybe eventually over thousands of generations, people with the new beneficial mutation will take over from people without it.

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This is also unsurprising from a population biology perspective.

Suppose that one of my children gets a mutation causing 1% less risk of infectious disease.

[The Lost European Explorer] experiment has been repeated many times when European explorers were stranded in an unfamiliar habitat.

Despite desperate efforts and ample learning time, these hardy men and women suffered or died because they lacked crucial information about how to adapt to the habitat.

Everyone eventually perished from starvation and scurvy.

The Central Inuit have lived around King William Island for at least 700 years. Nonetheless, the British explorers starved because they did not have the necessary local knowledge, and despite being endowed with the same cognitive abilities as the Inuit, and having two years to use these abilities, failed to learn the skills necessary to subsist in this habitat.

This is sort of group selectionism, but in this case I’m okay with it. Becoming cancerous makes a cell much more likely to spread within its organism – the equivalent of positive intracultural selection – but also makes its organism at a severe disadvantage compared to other organisms – the equivalent of negative intercultural selection.

As a result, we expect organisms to evolve strong internal defenses against cancer – which in fact they have.

It took about three hundred years for Christianity to replace paganism in Rome; Enlightenment values have been replacing Christianity for three hundred years already and aren’t nearly done.

Any sort of evolutionary process that involves waiting for Rome to fall is a process that will take way longer than human history to come to any sort of conclusion.

The taboo against eating red berries quickly spreads throughout the culture. If one person decides not to marry in the usual way, it doesn’t necessarily hurt that person. So I interpret it as a different claim: a culture that allows gay marriage will, for various reasons, become weak and unsuccessful.

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