Mcafee bad catalogz when updating sql updating a table

Error=12007 (12007) 20110220113245 E #4804 MCUPLOAD System error 12007 means unable to resolve target address for, adjust machine DNS configuration as necessary to resolve this issue 20110220113245 E #4804 Site Mgr Failed to send the http 20110220113245 W #4804 Site Mgr License check passed, but there was an error.

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Hi everyone, We have a Mc Afee 4.5 server that we have rolled out in our company and for some reason, the server cannot pull the updates automatically.

I can manually pull them from the Mc Afee website (from the same server) and check them in manually and everything works fine. I doubt it matters, but the server is Windows 2008 Server R2.

There is the usual # of pseudo connections and then there are a number of seemingly legitimate connections.

My TCP/IP skills are probably not advanced enough, but I wonder if this will help... IE is able to connect, so the NIC that it uses has functioning DNS settings.

Corporate says the perpetual license option when installing is correct and the licensing is fine with Mc Afee. 11/27/2007 PM NTNET\ncrawfor Downloading MPEVIRCKDet. 11/28/2007 AM NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Loading update configuration from: 11/28/2007 AM NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Verifying

I can't run the dat file from Mc Afee since I'm on XP SP2. 11/27/2007 PM NTNET\ncrawfor Verifying MPEVIRCKDet. 11/28/2007 AM NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Searching available updates for DATs.

11/27/2007 PM NTNET\ncrawfor Loading update configuration from: Pkg 11/27/2007 PM NTNET\ncrawfor Starting Engine update. 11/27/2007 PM NTNET\ncrawfor Downloading VSE850Det. 11/28/2007 AM NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Downloading Pkg Catalog.z.

11/27/2007 PM NTNET\ncrawfor Update failed to version 5.2.00. 11/28/2007 AM NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Verifying Pkg Catalog.z.

Error Code 11001 is a DNS error - no such host is known What DNS Settings have you got in the machine ? I can't Ping it or do a tracert (could not find host, unable to resolve target system name, respectively).

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