Mediaportal epg not updating

Fixed incompatible plugins screen Fixed missing disc image for stacked movie Removed top shadow in movie/series screens when fanart is enabled so it does not break the fanart flow ( small change but big difference ) Made new osd's match for online videos Added red buffer bar for progressbar in OV osd Added My Emulators 2 support Fixed search epg screen listings Added support for MPsteam Updated Apollo plugin to backup skin settings on exit Updated installer settings restore code to c# and tested with virustotal 100% clean at time of build Release Added elapsed time with ends in time for osd's Added translations for elapsed and ends in strings Added percent watched in moving pictures Fixed scraping string in moving pictures Increased size of subtitle label so text does not get cut off Changed CC to subtitles in tvseries to match moving pics Added making the main menu stay highlighted when you move down on to tiles Added highlight gradient to tiles when focused Added a couple more colorful tiles in tv screen ( feel free to change them if you dont like them ) Fixed tvseries fanart chooser screen Changed some tile art in tvseries/movies screen Added option to hide tv from menu in home screen Updated trakt files to mirror latest dashboard options Fixed overlapping label in moving pictures importer Added tvrecording season/episode numbers if supported and description in latest info Added ability to set onlinevideos in unwatched/settings tile ( press f9/info on the tile ) Added now playing button to radio hidden menu Added new tvrecording indicator due to issues with mediaportal core Added core plugins like mymusic,myvideo etc to plugin tile options (If you set movpics/tvseries/myvids or mymusic in plugin tiles you can enable latest info for them in settingsskin) Added watched % indicator to myvideos to match moving pictures Added new fanart theme which adds a new view to movpics/myvids/tvseries listview and details view Added two additional multishortcuts to plugins, set id's to 89 respectively Release Fixed remaining time label being cut off on longer dj mixes Adjusted now playing screen for a better look and to add some more useful information about the track being played.Added support for world weather full (wip) Coded ability to see which of the supported plugins are installed Added time remaining to osd when using skip steps (videos) Created some scripts and built into installer to migrate previous skin settings provided the supplied tool is used to backup first Fixed a few menu bugs in myvideos hidden menu Fixed SE and empty icon if no latest tvseries available Added ability to set myvideos tile as movingpictures tile Fixed exception in settingsgui ( thanks @sebastiii ) Fixed Latest Media 'frame' (without art) on bottom when 'only show unwatched xxx' is checked in LMH.

Box manager *Radiotime *World News *Mv Central *Multi Shortcut x3 ( manually change plugin ID to: 8969/8070/8971 ) *World Weather *htpc info *My Emulators2 *MPsteam These are false positives as usual from Microsoft, it's triggered by the settings backup to migrate your settings between updates to make it easier for the user, either way it's been changed for the next release but leaving a 1 star review for that is just unnecessary.

I have a pretty old HTPC, but it has no problem playing back full HD material, so I've not felt the need to upgrade.

I went through and removed a bunch that I don't watch to get it below 300 and the EPG seems to be updating. I will keep an eye on it over the next few days and see if it does the auto updates. Please disable "Verbose" logging When logs (server or client app) are requested for an investigation, please do NOT turn on "verbose" logging unless it is explicitly requested.

Verbose logging makes things much more difficult in the majority of cases.

Release v1.1.0.0 Fixed Album/Artist dialog screens layout Fixed/skinned find album cover art screen Added ability to select custom tiles in gui editor Added new darkness theme ( custom tiles set independently from standard theme ) Added ability to set parameter on videos tile Lot's of small bugfixes Added release date to extended info for moving pictures Release Added support for HTPCinfo Fixed Apollo Plugin error message in logs Fixed music nowplaying screens with vumeters ( LED and analog ) Fixed issue with apollo plugin logging missing file error Changed plugins setting to use dialog list to make it easier to choose between them Added an all settings/editor screen in settingsskin.

95% of apollo settings are in this one screen now as well as the old locations Added new osd's to better flow with the design of apollo, if you dont like them keep your old files.

Renamed latest media setting to avoid confusion Added extended info view to myvideos For those that can get dvdart to download music discs cdart is supported in now playing screen Release Added ability to change parameter on tvseries unwatched tile Fixed text cut off on logomanager Adjusted blue list color to match skin Added ability to navigate tile to tile between menus ie.

movies latest media right to tvseries tile without going to main menu.

Lately however, it's been struggling for a bit, even with the standard skins. It's also a very stylish skin, without going overboard with flashy animations or other unnecessary stuff.

As I'm writing this review, I'm using version The whole design is coherent, clear and have some good features, like the click on movie and only changing a part of screen.

A fix is being produced by Gracenote The Cloud Flare issue is under investigation Logs would show which of the two it is for your failures https://tv/articles/201643703-reporting-issues-with-plex-media-server/ https://tv/articles/200250417-plex-media-server-log-files/ I had 300 channels saved.

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