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Twitter user Sasha, 21, (aka @Junglefushimi) shared her mom's first attempt at meme creation the evening of the eclipse, and Twitter has been in awe ever since."Memer Mom" (that's how Michelle would like to be known henceforth) used a still of James Marsden's character, Cyclops, wearing his signature visor for the base image of her much-loved meme, referring to the fact it sort of looks like everyone's eclipse glasses.

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Yes this is dog Here come dat boi, shit waddup Never gonna give you up Chorus: I'm just a memer, i meme my life away, away I'm just a memer, who memes all day, all day Verse 3: Your higher power may be god or Kanye West It doesn't really matter much at all Without my memes there ain't no hope for me I'm living in my memes of fantasy Chorus: I'm just a memer, i meme my life away, away I'm just a memer, who memes all day, all day I'm just a memer, i meme my life away, away I'm just a memer, who memes all day, all day “I’m Just A Memer” by DJ Karl the Dog is a parody of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Dreamer”.

By using voice samples of popular streamer, Forsen, DJ Karl the Dog composes a chilling melody, taunting the nature of twitch chat– a forever alone community who shitposts everyday.

(The solar eclipse certainly couldn't handle Cyclops' eyes.) I particularly love the fact that "Memer Mom" added smoky vignette effect around the photo.

If you’re not in the mood for online dating at the moment, don't put up with it. And while your Long Runner hasn't really wavered in popularity, not significantly, you still want to connect with the youth of today.Perhaps you'd also like to comment on current pop-culture and political events.The result, especially if the writer is not part of said subculture and doesn't do the research, is often laughably embarrassing instead of the bold new direction for which the producers were hoping. Can very often result in an Unintentional Period Piece since "current events" are usually short-lived.See also Popularity Polynomial, Mascot with Attitude, Discredited Meme, Follow the Leader, Two Decades Behind, Long-Runner Tech Marches On, Society Marches On, Jumping the Shark, Network Decay, Magazine Decay, Pretty Fly for a White Guy, and more than a few Scrappies and cases of Misaimed Marketing. Tropes Are Tools aside, this is usually a sign of bad writing, especially if you're a TV or movie writer trying to make your current long-running show more hip or trying to revive a long-dead franchise for a new generation.Indeed, for Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) dating of tooth enamel, the origin of the sample as well as its sedimentary context must be well known to ensure an accurate dose rate reconstruction.

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