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The shave was thorough and close, but left us with no irritation.

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When, in this piece, we talk about how “aggressive” a shave is given, we’re referring to two aspects of the razor.

The first is how exposed or hidden the blade is by the guard, and the second is angle the blade cuts at – the more acute the angle, the cleaner you're likely to cut your hair, depending on your bristles.

The razor is also balanced in your hand, and is on the less aggressive side, which makes it a great option for newcomers to the single blade.

We used this razor in conjunction with Edwin Jagger’s pre-shave lotion and shave cream, which also provided a very smooth and pleasant experience with the blade.

We’ve tested them ourselves, putting our stubble-growth and skin to the test of the best.

Unless specified otherwise, we used a hot towel, Murdock pre-shave oil and Kiehl’s Lite Flite shave cream – you’re also going to want to open your pores with a single blade.

This is quite simply the closest and most comfortable shave we’ve experienced with a safety razor.

The aggressive angle of the blade, sheltered in a chrome, closed-comb housing is complemented by a luxurious bog oak handle that sits perfectly in your hand.

Our only quibble is that the blade is very well guarded, meaning we needed a second pass in some hard to reach corners or our face – however, this is no bad thing for wary newcomers to a single blade.

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