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It also features a design editor that allows you to create a custom design or a custom theme. But, in 99% of cases, the designs Smug Mug provides are good enough for even the most demanding photographers and designers. My Portfolio is based on a Smug Mug default design.

I use only two types of layouts; one is for the home page where I display portfolio photos at full screen size with endless scroll, the other layout is the library view where you can see thumbnails of the portfolio images.

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Over the years, it developed an extensive set of features and services tailored to photographers of different levels from family photo enthusiasts to professional photographers from diverse fields (studio, wedding, and event photographers, etc.).

As a travel photographer and blogger, I adapted and integrated only selective features of Smug Mug that are important to my specific needs pertaining to travel and blogging.

It is tailored mostly toward wedding and event photographers.

It allows you to create public or password protected storefronts and separately control the pricing for each project or client. I do not have use for advanced storefront options but what it gives me is access to the top quality print houses in North America and Europe in addition to an easy controllable pricing structure.

Smug Mug is, by far, the most valuable piece of the puzzle in my online business.

Some photographers mistakenly treat Smug Mug as another photo sharing service, which is far from reality.

I do not use it for personal or family photography; I have Google Plus for that.

I only use Smug Mug for my professional activities.

Even though Smug Mug supports multiple Price Lists, I use only default one and apply it to my entire portfolio.

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