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Despite best efforts, not all coding flaws will be eliminated even in well reviewed code.

However, if the code is operating with reduced privileges, then exploitation of any flaws is likely to be thwarted.

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Design and write code that does not require clever logic to see that it is safe.

Specifically, follow the guidelines in this document unless there is a very strong reason not to. Trying to retrofit security into an existing API is more difficult and error prone.

Any implementation bug can have serious security ramifications and could appear in any layer of the software stack.

While sections 0 through 3 are generally applicable across different types of software, most of the guidelines in sections 4 through 9 focus on applications that interact with untrusted code (though some guidelines in these sections are still relevant for other situations).

If a sandboxed applet or application attempts to execute security-sensitive code, the JRE will throw a security exception.

RIAs should follow the principle of least privilege, and should be configured to run with the least amount of necessary permissions.While adding features to software can solve some security-related problems, it should not be relied upon to eliminate security defects.This document has been updated to cover some of the new features included in Java SE 9.These features also make Java programs highly resistant to the stack-smashing [4] and buffer overflow attacks possible in the C and to a lesser extent C programming languages.The explicit static typing of Java makes code easy to understand (and facilitates static analysis), and the dynamic checks ensure unexpected conditions result in predictable behavior -- which makes Java a joy to use.The choice of language system impacts the robustness of any software program.

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