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The After Effects template is recommended, since it is the most customizable, however, if your class does not have After Effects, the Quicktime versions can be used with most video editors on the market.Step 4: Adding the weather data Next, I will walk you through how to add weather data to your graphics and customization of the weather graphic template.

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Next, let them know that you will be helping them to produce and execute a local weather forecast for your video production class.

Here are the recommended main steps of the class (but these can be adjusted based on your overall class goals): Step 1: Decide what kind of forecast you would like to produce There are a variety of types of weather forecasts that you could produce with your students.

- Script Writer: Takes weather information from researcher and composes a script that the meteorologist will read on the air.

- Camera Operator: Operates the camera during the production - Motion Graphics Designer: Compiles the information from the researcher and script writer and creates weather forecast graphics with the data provided - Tele-prompter Operator: (optional) Operates the teleprompter which displays the script for the meteorologist to read on the air.

In this day and age, learning resources have moved online.

Choose from a wide variety of interactive learning help, such as activity instructions, games, guided lessons, and good old-fashioned worksheets.

Step 3: Producing the graphics There are multiple ways to create weather graphics for your production.

If you have the ability, time & talent, you can build your graphics from scratch in Adobe Photoshop or a motion editing program such as Adobe After Effects.

For this example, I will show how to create a 7 day forecast and customize it with data that has been gathered. Open Adobe After Effects and open the weather forecast After Effects Template2.

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