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They welcomed a child together in 2016 and Russell told .

And we like to think that the break for those two pretty much lined up with when Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence would have been filming , Lawrence admitted that the two co-stars practically "grew up together" and have locked lips when the cameras weren't rolling, because "Liam's real hot." We're all right there with you on that one, J-Law! Along for the ride came fairly unknown co-star at that point, Channing Tatum.

And even though Bynes played a boy for more than half this movie, these two did have amazing chemistry and it's no wonder that rumors began to swirl that these young co-stars were more than just friends.

As much as we'd like to forget about that short period of time a few years ago when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth weren't together—seriously, we get PTSD episodes just thinking about those crazy Miley days—they did exist.

But the one nice thing about those little breaks in relationships is that it gives the people time to explore and scratch itches that have been building up for quite some time.

Hall and Jennifer Carpenter kept their relationship on the down low as well as their separation and then divorce, when the couple parted ways after two years of marriage.

Carpenter only had sweet things to say about her former partner at a panel for the last season of Showtime's hit series when she stated that "just because the marriage ended doesn't mean the love did." Seriously, these two could set an example for us all. Maybe young love that you find on the set of a television show that becomes a cult favorite for the masses and catapults you both into long and very successful careers—that kind of love is definitely unparalleled.

Apparently, things with these two co-stars only lasted about a year—and shortly after their relationship ended was right when Garner and Affleck would meet.

Vartan spoke to about their break-up and said the two were "better off as friends." Word on the street is that Garner even reached out to Vartan after her split from Affleck, so these two must have strong friend vibes.

Although they both remained tight-lipped about things for years, in an interview a few years back, La Beouf talked about being on set for six months with someone who's supposed to be your love interest and said "it was what it was" and that he believes the "chemistry onscreen" speaks for itself.

Pretty scandalous considering Megan Fox was linked to now-husband Brian Austin Green during that time period as well! Something we all relate to with this throwback is the fact that the true stars of this show most definitely weren't named Dawson; they were the scrappy sidekick Pacey played by Joshua Jackson and the girl from down the creek, Joey Potter, played by Katie Holmes.

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