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So stay tuned for more leaked girl on girl pics of Moko Top Girl and Zhang Wanyou in varies compromising positions!In some of the photos they are nude and in very intimate positions together! But some believe with her newly found fame she will make a comeback with many endorsements.

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Last week, a second MOKO Top Girl Yan Feng-Jiao a.k.a.

Xiao Jiao had her nude photographs made public after the Xu Ying leaked nude vacation photos indecent.

The person who leaked this scandal hinted that this is a scandal involving many people in the modeling circle in China.

And those who have seen the photos believe that Xiao Wan is another MOKO model by the name of Zhang Wanyou (张婉悠) seen naked with Yan Feng-Jiao in bedsurrounded by photographers.

She has now formally submitted to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau in Zhabei Branch case to investigate.

We have all seen that things are different now with Chinese celebrities gaining more fame after scandals.

A few years ago, leaked nude pictures would destroy the career of a female Chinese celebrity.

But after car show model Shou Shou, whose sex videos were recently uploaded online by her ex-boyfriend in order to ruin her, But instead has made her even more successful coming back with many endorsements.

But she said the photos were taken in May/June 2009, however she claims they had been the lawless elements of coercion.

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