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By day they earn slightly less than the minimum wage building an apartment block, whose half-finished skeleton looms above their camp; in the evenings they can buy food and clothes from mobile stallholders who stop outside.

Most of these women will have no idea of all the madness we are daily confronted with: our fear installing news and all the endless advertisements in the so called developed nations. Out of this energy you want to share and give, not to steal or have at the expenses of others.

In restaurants I have been offered drinks etc and kids in little villages came to give me flowers.

I am happy that I could take many pictures of these natural girls and woman.

North-West Center South (Click to enlarge) The amazing kindness and friendliness of these Burmese girls and women.

Not in any way they tried to get money from me or cheat me, as in their Several times I had the feeling how far away, in the so called developed nations, have we gone from this natural, simple and happy way of living.

These Burmese girls and women in the North, live in harmony with the earth and all the necessary resources.A quality, which is sadly more and more disappearing in the Western commercialized countries. She has this mysterious Mona Lisa smile, the female mystery, which we men can never unravel and understand, but that will always intrigue us.Have not almost all great male artists been inspired by this female quality?Their Buddhist neighbours had ordered them to stop practising Islam.The murder was a punishment for clinging to their faith.A 28-35 year old, six pack atheletic body with a pointed nose,blue or black eyes who finished a university degree of a linguistics or IT, love reading, watching movies, respect women and is helpful and sympathetic. I am open minded, warm,trusted and like simple things.

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