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The second floor is for couples-only, open Fridays and Saturdays.Voyeurs are allowed in the play area or "Group Room" downstairs.

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Moorea Beach Club is a little more comfortable and chill and is located on a scenic upper level overlooking Mandalay Bay beach.

The Naked Pool at Artisan lives up to its name, but is small and intimate and a hotspot for swingers.

There's also a swimming pool with lockers provided.

a swingers club, the Artisan is a popular boutique hotel for those in the scene.

A membership fee is charged at the door, ranging from one night to a full year.

A common complaint is that there's way more dudes than ladies hanging around, but at least you have a variety of rooms to choose from -- like the Dungeon or the hot tub known as the Sexagon.

The all-around favorites tend to be the mega-clubs (like Spearmint Rhino, Crazy Horse III, and Sapphire -- the latter of which has a male revue, if Well friend, Clark County has a law that prohibits full nudity in establishments that sell alcohol.

How much skin you want to see depends on how much you want to imbibe. Know how much you're willing to spend and set aside that money in advance.

Most clubs offer some form of free limo service that will pick you up from pretty much any hotel on the Strip or Downtown -- and drop the cover as a courtesy. One of the most low-pressure, guilt-free ways to see some nudity in Vegas (if you're over 21, of course) is at a cabaret -- or topless show.

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