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Transmission jacks be damned, the only way to get a transmission into an old Jetta is with muscle.Sometimes being a female is useful in my line of work -- my hands are smaller so I can get them places a man can't.As soon as I had picked up the distinctive musk-and-mint scent, I'd had a nervous urge to drive him out of my territory.

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It made me grumpy -- which isn't a good way to deal with customers.

My faithful office boy and tool rustler had gone off to college, and I hadn't replaced him yet -- it's hard to find someone who will do all the jobs I don't want to.

Grunting with effort, I held the transmission where it belonged with one hand and with the other I slipped the first bolt in and tightened it.

I wasn't finished, but the transmission would stay where it was while I dealt with my customer.

I took a deep breath and smiled once brightly for practice before I rolled out from under the car.

I snagged a rag to wipe the oil off my hands, and said, "Can I help you?

Some people will tell you werewolves can only shapechange under a full moon, but people also say there's no such thing as ghosts.

He heard the command and stiffened, raising his eyes to meet mine.

He was tall enough to be eighteen, I supposed, but my instincts, which are pretty good, pinned his age closer to fifteen.

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