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Dating and relationship coach and author of , Fran Greene, says she sees it happen every year.

"Decluttering is not just for getting rid of your unwanted stuff — it’s also letting go of a relationship that is holding you back from the love you deserve.

It just feelseasier to meet new people when the weather is warm and sunny.

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Want to look guilt free at all the hot summer bodies walking the streets? All joking aside, spring is that time of year when the flowers bloom, and your relationship, well, doesn’t. There are a few reasons the phenomenon exists: one, with the warm weather comes more opportunity.

Want to walk in the warm sun with no worries about whether this albatross will text you, asking to hang out?

It reminds me of us; Cupid brought us together, and now we’re history.”On Meeker Street in Williamsburg Because you’ve been dying to say: “It’s not you, it’s Meeker” The Lower East Side Ecology Center E-waste warehouse It’s the best place for you to leave her where someone else might find a new use for her.

The Red Hook IKEA You’ll blend in with every other couple breaking up with each other.

The G train Because you knew you were disappointed with his frequency and length of service anyway.

Any Starbucks They’ve got a Valentine’s Day deal on coffees today.Lisa is a dating coach and speaker who has been interviewed on numerous radio and television shows including E! Lisa has also been quoted in numerous publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Cosmo, Glamour, Men’s Health and US Weekly magazine. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and would love to explore some of the insights shared by you.Tonight, we’ll be discussing Lisa’s book, Stop Getting Dumped! Lisa, what prompted you to write this book in the first place?You can end it quickly over lattes and not damage your wallet (or heart) too badly.Where would you end things with a no-longer-loved one?She’s is the author of 7 books, including Stop Getting Dumped!

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