Nico man dating women

Palesa’s hurt Matlala’s three-month whirlwind romance with former Gospel Gold presenter Madisakwane, who is currently a news anchor on ANN7, ended badly with accusations of witchcraft and insults flying all over the place.

In one recording, Madisakwane is heard telling Matlala that Ntshaba was a witch who had gone to a sangoma to try to bewitch her.

Questioned about this, Madisakwane said: “It is not true that Winnie was bewitching me.

“The problem is that those women you are talking to gang up against me because they want to destroy me,” he said. Pretoria businesswoman Pinky Maredi said she had met Matlala on the highway in February, “and in the second week he invited me to his house”.

In March, he borrowed R60 000, saying someone was suing him.“He paid me R20 000 and I am speaking to my lawyers to get my remaining R40 000.

Among other things, she claimed that she paid rent for the Midstream Estate house and had registered her Land Rover in his name as she didn’t have a driver’s licence.

She said some of the cars Matlala posted on social media belonged to his dates.“I left my husband for him after he sweet-talked me.

Johannesburg - It could be a script from a drama that some of the characters are actors in. When the body count mounts, the cast-off women turn on him.

Accusations of lies, fraud, witchcraft, forced abortion, unpaid debt and even espionage fly.

I couldn’t open the case as I felt that he would use information against me. Another woman who broke up with Matlala after a business and personal relationship went awry refused to comment.

In the voice recordings, it emerged that she lost R500 000 after Matlala advised her to visit a sangoma to fortify herself against another business partner, who allegedly wanted to kill her.

Nico told me that Winnie said this and that about me, and I became foolish and believed him.

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