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Dear Jackie: I'm presently signed with a legit agent who just isn't cutting it.

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I've asked around and have received mixed responses.

My commercial agent, acting colleagues, and a casting director acquaintance think yes.

If that doesn't work, your manager can help find you a new agent and be the scapegoat when you fire your old one." Additionally, being in NYC gives you the opportunity to freelance with more than one agent.

Perhaps, instead of cutting your agent off altogether, you could propose the freelance option.

I've recommended ways in which we might be able to increase our opportunities and have asked him if he has other ideas, but he's met my suggestions with a lukewarm response.

He's a decent guy and, I think, a hard worker, but I just don't think he has the cachet to get me in the door, and, as such, I don't expect things to change. Can I actively pursue another agent while I'm signed with him?" Of course what you should or shouldn't do depends on your relationship with your agent.You said he seems like an okay guy but has met your repeated suggestions for improving your audition ratio with little enthusiasm.Although my current agent is not effective at finding work for me, I think he is valuable in that I can reference him in my marketing to CDs.That way they know I have a legit agent and, from my experience, many CDs prefer to work with actors who do.When you start looking, bear in mind this advice from Martinez: "When the actor is taking meetings with new agencies, he shouldn't badmouth his current agent.

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