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There is nevertheless a scenario where you might want to gather statistics on LOAD prior to the exchange.

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It’s common to see it used in decision support systems and large operational data stores.

Make sure you’ve taken a look at Part 1, or you are at least familiar with the concept of incremental statistics so that you know what a synopsis is in the context of a partitioned table.

The performance benefit is especially impessive if data is loaded at very high rates in parallel.

The exact steps you need to execute for a partition exchange load will vary depending on the type of partitioning you use, whether there are local or global indexes on the table and what constraints are being used.

The data in LOAD is published to SALES “at the flick of a switch”.

Typically, the exchange step looks like this: Operationally, this approach is more complex than inserting data directly into SALES but it offers some advantages.

In the example above, the global-level statistics for SALES must be refreshed to reflect the data incorporated into the table when LOAD is exchanged with Q2.

To make this step as efficient as possible SALES must use incremental statistics maintenance.

For example: Statistics will be gathered on Q2 and the synopsis will be created so that the global-level statistics for SALES will be updated.

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