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Note that the magnetometer’s x and y axes are flipped from those of the accelerometer and gyroscope, and the z-axis is inverted as well.

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The Razor IMU is designed to work with either a USB power source or a single-cell Lithium-polymer (Li Po) battery.

The black, PH-series JST connector should mate with any of the similar Li Po batteries in our catalog – just make sure they’re single cell (nominal voltage 3.7-4.2V).

450m A Charge Current The maximum charge current is set by an external resistor and is not (easily) modifiable.

Safe practices say not to charge your Li Po battery at greater than 1C, which means Li Po's with a capacity below about 450m Ah are not recommended for use with this board.

This tutorial serves as both a primary documentation source and getting started guide for the Spark Fun 9Do F Razor IMU M0.

The first couple of sections document hardware and firmware features of the board, while the latter half of the tutorial demonstrates how to use the Arduino IDE and our MPU-9250 Arduino library to re-program the Razor IMU to your specific needs.Power from either the USB or Li Po battery sources are regulated down to 3.3V, which is used to power both the SAMD21 and MPU-9250.The regulator has a capacity for about 600m A, which means you should have plenty of current overhead left over, if you want to power other devices from the pin should only be connected to a single-cell Li Po battery.Hookup NSA has been getting players laid for 2762 days. People have been hooking up for NSA fun for many years, over the years the name has changed many times, but the game remains the same.Over the last 70 years people involved in NSA sex have been called Swingers, Players, Wife Swappers, Partner Swappers, Lifestylers and that just the polite names!In addition to pair of IC’s, the 9Do F Razor IMU includes a µSD card socket, Li Po battery charger, power-control switch, and a host of I/O break-outs for project expansion.

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