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He started working 40-hour weeks at Panda Express to fund his new pursuit.

One song, fittingly titled “Right Now,” began to bubble.

A hazy club anthem with a hint of rage, the track started picking up steam on Sound Cloud.

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In early 2016, with a manager, a producer (Skritzy), and a few committed friends in tow, Evander started releasing some of the music he’d been toiling over since graduation.

The songs showcased an artist capable of effortlessly blending trap and R&B.

Before the ceremony, a few classmates asked him -- perhaps smugly -- what he planned on doing with his life. Now, two and half years later, he’s the biggest rapper El Paso has ever seen.

That day, Evander decided to go all-in on a rap career -- once a pipe dream, now the only object in sight.

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Evander was given a spot opening for Rich The Kid -- so long as he could arrange the travel.

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