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Male prostitution, both forced and voluntary, is a reality that is often forgotten in the discourse on gender rights and issues.Tejaswini Pagadala throws light on the lives of male sex workers in the country.

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However, the number of male sex workers among these is not known.

Naidu says that many boys and young men who join this work live stigmatized lives, with little or no educational opportunities, earning very little by offering massage services and selling their bodies.

Some boys who are forced into sex trade via trafficking or child labour also end up living this life for the money, the survey explains.

Female clients from affluent families are the ones who usually seek such mobile masseurs or escorts.

Launda dancers are predominantly effeminate men, dressed in women’s attire.

The (young boys) are hired by poor families as they cannot afford “more expensive” women dancers.

Picked up by women who drive luxury cars, or catering to men looking for cheap sex, they live a clandestine life satisfying the needs of both sexes. Shady, deserted areas, empty spaces behind buses, parks, metro rail construction sites and the railway station are the usual hubs of sex trade in the city.

From gigolos to massage experts, masseurs or escorts, these men sport diverse looks apart from contrasting economic and educational backgrounds.

The dancers mainly belong to lower middle-class and poor families of West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra while some hail from Nepal and Bangladesh.

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