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He waited and watched from across the street in his car. A man pulled up to the driveway and knocked on the front door.When his wife appeared in the doorway, she hugged this man. Now curiosity had overtaken the husband, and so he decided to investigate.Either they will feel totally violated or they will become sexually aroused themselves. Some men will then approach their wives/partners, and instead of chastising them for the affair, will ask if they can become involved. When a woman is unsatisfied with her partner sexually, or even when she just needs some sexual variety or has an insatiable sexual appetite, cuckolding can be a great way to satisfy both parties.

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A cuckold husband usually enjoys participating in the act by preparing the male for intercourse.

This act of fluffing as it is called in the industry, is arousing not only for the husband, but also for the wife.

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It started out as innocent flirting and took on a life of its own.

Flirting led to touching, and touching led to kissing, and, well, kissing led to both parties having sex. You either like the idea, and can handle seeing your wife or partner with another man or you can't.Now what if cuckolding were an option, and accepted by both partners?She was moaning and screaming, things she had never done when they were having intercourse.This is when the light bulb usually goes off for most men.For the sake of the topic we will stick with the female introspective.

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