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We could both see they were not the best counselors for us, as they emphasized our weaknesses and failed to intervene when we used bad communication habits. One counselor felt we would do better in a group setting and suggested a local Orange County program The Third Option that offers a program based on scientific research and studies from top relationship counselors.

It meets weekly on Monday evenings 7 to 9pm in Santa Ana.

The Third Option is a counseling program for couples, which offers strategies and techniques to improve communication, conflict resolution and many other areas that present challenges within a romantic relationship.

A few examples include John Gottman, who did extensive scientific research with couples at the University of Washington, Shelly Taylor from UCLA who noticed that Fight-or-Flight was a response that identified primarily with males and developed Tend-and-Befriend as a response to the female experience of stress, and John Gray who highlighted some of the differences in coping strategies between men and women.

The Third Option is open for anyone to come, dating, engaged, married, separated, or singles.

We train and certify you by providing an easy and highly effective certification program that you complete in just 3 days.

Accomplishing 32 hours of course related material., that is why marketing is so important.

When my husband and I got married I was 35 and he was 45.

Both never married, diverse upbringings and very independent minded.

Nobody is required to share if they don’t feel up to it, they make it a point to respect people’s privacy, some individuals/couples learn from simply listening.

The program itself draws from a variety of books, scientific research, and professional individuals who have contributed to the understanding of interactions between couples.

This program started to finally make each of us see our bad habits and help us see how we can fix them and change for the better.

The Third Option has made an incredible impact on our relationship and others who attend unfailingly, week after week.

Couples benefit the most because both are there working on themselves simultaneously.

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