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Also of significance is Pinar del Ríos magnificent and breathtaking mountainous areas called la Cordillera de los Organos, la Sierra del Rosario, and las Alturas de Pizarra.

Tobacco was the most important agricultural product produced in Pinar del Río, the largest production in all of Cuba with 56% of the national output.

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Oriental dating in toledo

He was concerned about the pending arrival in Cuba.

He felt a flag was necessary to add patriotic fervor to the endeavor.

The Cuban Coat of Arms consists of three divisions, crowned by the Phrygian Cap (Gorro Frigio) or liberty cap that has a sole star, with the borders of the divisions surrounded by an oak branch on one side and a laurel wreath on the other.

The oak branch symbolizes the strength of the nation; and the laurel wreath: Honor and Glory.

(While he was having important meetings on the revolution, his wife embroidered it).

His attempt was not successful; only in 1902 Cuba became an independent republic and López's flag was adopted as the official flag.The three blue stripes are the symbols of the original three provinces.The triangle is a masonic symbol, here signifying liberty, equality and fraternity.In the division toward the left, there are pictures of mountains, rivers, the valley and most evident a Royal Palm Tree, the national tree of Cuba - graceful and elegant - representing the rich soil that Cuba has been blessed with.The Province of Pinar del Río is located on the extreme western part of Cuba.The Pinar del Río area is divided into seven subregions: 1) la Cordillera de los Organos y sus valles intramontanos; 2) la Sierra del Rosario; 3) las Alturas de Pizarra; 4) la llanura Costera del Sur de Pinar del Río; 5) la llanura Costera del Norte de Pinar del Río; 6) la Península de Guanahacabibes; 7) la Isla de Pinos, even though this Isle belongs to the Province of La Habana.

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