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It is a mega church in the DC area with 5 locations and claims an attendance of 13,000 each weekend.

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(I first learned of it from SBC This Week.) Based on social media, not everyone is excited about it. Platt and his team are also reorganizing the board and the IMB is going through significant change.

Mc Lean Bible Church, originally nondenominational, is a recent member of the Southern Baptist Convention.

But, and this is key: most of the day-to-day organizational leadership in large organizations and churches is done by choosing good people in both places. Thus, the model in the New Testament is shared leadership. Far too many people are looking for a celebrity so they can say "We go to David Platt's church." What does this mean? But he is not a pastor at Mc Lean My husband said something that has stuck with me the past few months.

We are in a church in which the pastors do show love and humility.

Last evening he stressed the four things a pastor must do or exhibit.

The Gospel Coalition recently posted Pastor, Strive to Learn Their Names written by Benjamin Vrbicek.

The elders of Mc Lean Bible Church (MBC) have asked Dr.

David Platt to consider becoming Pastor-Teacher of the church, a title used in the church’s constitution to describe the pastor whose primary duty is “to preach and teach the Word of God.” As Pastor-Teacher (or Teaching Pastor), Dr.

Platt would serve alongside other pastors in the church including Dale Sutherland, who is the Lead Pastor responsible for overall day-to-day leadership in the church. Platt would serve as Teaching Pastor, not Senior Pastor, he would not be involved in overall day-to-day leadership in the church, and he would not receive a salary for his role at MBC. David Platt, has expressed a deep sense of calling to serve as teaching pastor of Mc Lean Bible Church while also continuing to lead the International Mission Board,” Dilbeck said. Platt and his sense of the Lord’s leading; and we recognize our responsibility to hold him accountable for his work leading the International Mission Board. Platt serves as teaching pastor for Mc Lean Bible Church, the trustees of the International Mission Board will evaluate Dr.

Platt’s fulfillment of his responsibilities as IMB president.

How in the world can they ever learn the names of their people. And because we are made in God’s image and likeness, it’s not good for us to be alone.

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