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It was around the same time that Africa’s largest satellite television provider, DStv, offered her the lead role in one of their productions, Changes.

The role threw her into regional stardom and industry bigwigs sat up and took notice.

“I started getting offers from producers all over Africa including Nollywood and suddenly a full-fledged career in acting did not seem so out of reach,” she says.

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Growing up in rural Meru with her parents and six siblings, Pierra’s dream was to become a paeditrician.

And although she indulged in the arts, participating in drama festivals in primary and secondary school, entertainment was more of a hobby than a planned career move.

Seeking to re-establish her roots, she quit her Namibia position in 2008 and came back home, taking up a position as a TV advertising producer with Scanad Kenya Limited.

She held the position for two years and it re-ignited her acting career.

“I had never deejayed in my life but I wanted my show to be unconventional.

So I called some of my DJ friends and would practice on their sets before my show.

Eventually, her determination bore fruit as she was recruited to do odd production jobs on the set of the inaugural season of popular reality music show, Tusker Project Fame.

Determined to network with industry bigwigs, she poured herself into her duties and soon enough, climbed through the ranks becoming a camerawoman.

Determined to learn as much as she could, in addition to acting and studying, she took on other duties including news recording and reporting even producing some shows including KBC’s hit entertainment news show, Grape Vine.

In 2004, after her graduation, she left KBC for a position as a news presenter at Radio Waumini before leaving again that same year to join YFM, now Hot 96.

However, longing to come to terms with the death of her father, she put acting on the back burner and quit her role after several episodes and accepted a job with music producers Ogopa Deejays, moving to Namibia to manage their sister stable group, Ogopa Butterfly. I was in charge of a lot of talent and had creative license to do things my own way.

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