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"Our revenue model has also evolved from one driven by advertising to one driven by paid membership, indicating that, now more than ever, singles are willing to pay for an enhanced user experience." Plenty Of Fish is credited with creating one million relationships each year, with a couple confirming they met on Plenty Of Fish every two minutes.According to Frind, the company's future success will depend on their ability to create even more lasting relationships.

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Users can adjust e-mail options to filter content from members who don't fulfill their needs (like not being male, or living overseas).

Users can exclude members they've already viewed and still get a large pool of eligible profiles.

While the faces of users may be difficult to discern, it's easy to contact a member (sight unseen! Under each thumbnail is a link to instant message the user. – instant message box that encourages contact rather than idle stalking.

Best part: if you're slow thinking up pick up lines for complete strangers–and no shame there; it happens to the best of us!

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - March 17, 2015) - Plenty Of Fish, the world's largest online dating site, announces today it has reached a new milestone in surpassing 100 million users worldwide, while also doubling its revenue since 2013, putting the company's current annual run rate at $100 million.

Plenty Of Fish, which has grown from start-up company to worldwide industry leader, makes this announcement after aggressive growth in the use of their mobile dating applications, reporting 80% of members' usage now occurs via a mobile device.

About Plenty Of Fish Founded in early 2003 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Plenty Of Fish is the world's largest free online dating service, attracting 4 million singles every day and helping to create over 1 million relationships each year.

Plenty Of Fish aim is to connect more singles with the purpose of creating lasting relationships.

Plenty Of Fish says it is a "100% Free Online Dating Service for singles", that is a lie, they have a paid "UPGRADE" option. The government should do something to stop this huge website from continuing with the false adverstising / deceptive advertising / misleading advertising.

Won't the Federal Trade Commission do anything? If a website charges their users for any service at all then it is not "100% Free".

"Reaching the 100 million user milestone means we've been able to connect more people and create more relationships than anyone else in the online dating space.

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