Poly lifestyle dating

My Christian beliefs demand that I forgive her and I have no problem with that the thing that bothers me is that I know deep within myself that I will always love her but never have any kind of relationship with her again. How I wish I’d have read something like this 12 years ago. I was so enmeshed in my relationship that everything was shaped for me by my husband, who I blindly followed.

Reply This is really totally gut wrench, there are moments when I just wanted to let go of life, just to stop the pain.

It’s bad enough to come to the realization that the person that I’ve Loved for the last 15 years as done nothing but lie to me and deceive me and cheated on me. The other thing a narcissist does is gaslight you into doubting yourself ,saying this is all normal and there is something wrong with you if this isn’t something you like, or that you are just overly jealous. Then I logged into his email account and saw all the numerous porn that him and his buddies were passing around and bragging of their tales of flying girls to Thailand to have 3 ways. I apologize for that, but really, even if nobody reads it, I feel better having wrote it out.

For those seeking an Order of Protection, there doesn’t have to be physical harm, just another thing to add to your list.

This is one of the least talked about abuses, and I thank Kim so much for bringing this up!!!

Maybe you were God’s way of working in her life to bring about His will and an offer of grace and redemdemtion?

I even reported him but my manager thinks he can do no wrong. He has hooked up with other co workers here but they ended up leaving b/c of how much he affected their work enviornment. He knows what His children need to experience to be in His will.

The fact that you went no contact proves you have a greater destiny that no one can destroy. You are right where you are suppose to be….God’s hands. Though I agree at first, I was wait for an convenience excuse to get out and make sure he gets scared coming back to me. I’ve read Narcs are generally exceptionally good in bed. **some content may be a little graphic** My Narc would brag about being able to last all night…. In the beginning, I enjoyed our intense ‘sessions’.

I did that 17 days ago and I feel better now that I want to heal myself completely. As time went on, he would want to add a little ‘spice’.

Trust He knows what they need and loves them enough to provide it. I was involve with a man like I didn’t know these types of men exist till I met him.

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