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oo Voo has announced at CES 2015 that it will be bringing a video chat app to the PS4 at some point in Q2 of 2015, with the app itself using the PS4 camera.

oo Voo users will be able to sign into the PS4 app, and those without will have to create one.

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At the moment oo Voo is still working on a way to integrate the PS4 friend lists with the app, which will eventually lead to being able to start chat through browsing the list.

oo Voo does have a regular messaging service but this will not be included due to the platform not really built for it.

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Eventually the oo Voo app will allow people to watch videos and streams together, which could be pretty good for things like conferences.

It’ll likely be a free app as the service itself is free, and it is unlikely to require Plus either.

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