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In my experience, all of the women I've met have been very honest about who they are and used an up to date picture. After meeting a girl in person, you should expect her to be as open with you about her life as she would be if you originally met her in person. This is the backbone of your success with online dating and you're selling yourself short if you churn it out, put it up, and leave it at that. It should be a reflection of your philosophies, your tastes in all things cultural, your sense of humor, your style, who you are, and what you're looking for. There's always a little bit more, or a little bit less to say about yourself.

Perhaps I'm recognizing red flags in other profiles that most of you are missing? Girl Could Have a Boyfriend: So could anyone else you pickup..this doesn't seem to be a big problem to a lot of people here anyways. Remember: You have as much a right to be wary of her as she does of you. You cannot afford for your profile to look like everyone else.

" "I'm not very good at writing about myself" or "I'm never sure what to write for these things..." "If you want to know anything more, just ask! Invest thought into your messages, but not emotion.

Responses will be more common than received messages. Talking to someone online really is no way of getting to know someone. If it didn't occur to them before they signed up onto a dating sight, it will occur to them now.

You're online because you haven't met what you're looking for in real life, not because no one else would have you.

DO NOT be whiny and say "I'm using this site because all the women I meet in club are teh suxxors." Do NOT be negative about the women you meet in your day to day life.

Since I'm feeding from this tree of knowledge as well as that one, it's only fair I spread what fertilizer I have to offer. ___________________________________ Long time reader, first time caller.

After reading a handful of threads on this board and the entire section on online dating experiences from the main page, I have come to the conclusion that a great deal of you have no clue what you're doing when it comes to utilizing online dating sites and personals.

One of the worst assumptions out there is that you should take your time while meeting girls online. To compensate, I turned to online dating where I can scan a woman's personality and interests before initiating contact and in turn, tailor words in her favor, and refer her to my own page where my own personality is put on display in a wonderful sterling frame.

This is wrong, wrong, wrong, and I'll talk about it later. Using writing skills, I was able to enhance every wonderful quirk and feature of my personality upfront whereas in reality they don't shine so bright and often go under the radar.

A lot of people prefer to make first contact this way. You tell them about yourself then and there, soldier.) Have the rules changed for online dating? It's still your responsibility to do the approaching. You will be ignored, rejected, and burnt up, and usually there won't be a sound from any of it.

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