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We are Charlotte and Raleigh's leading full service career coaching firm privately owned and operated with all coaching done by me directly.

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I like that he has mixed workouts from his own life experiences into helping me achieve my goal. From a more technical perspective, George has a deep knowledge of effective speed and endurance workouts.....decades of his own running experience to draw upon.

All of these things are tremendous assets to any runner who wants to improve, meet a goal, get faster, and reach the next level.

Then, once you understand those basics, she sets you free to master those tools for yourself. Lee’s services is that she didn’t hold your hand the entire way through. He is a great coach with empathy, positivity and patience.“Jim is an extraordinary person who takes investing in others as a top priority in his life.

Things you thought you had together she’d quickly point out that you didn’t, and even if you felt angry about what she was saying to you at the moment, there was always a teachable moment where you could come to your senses and process your situation and errors rationally. Lee is certainly kind and compassionate, friendly..things you would hope to expect from a Counseling Professional. What is taught by her can be carried and utilized long after your season with her is over. Jim represents the epitome of professionalism and his dedication to his clients is consistently commendable.

Darlene is a great life coach as she is very compassionate and kind but also very much to the point of what needs to be done. Sharon Lee graciously fell into my space when I was 22. Three years have passed since then and I can say that the service she has given me is invaluable. Jim has been my leadership coach for over 4 months.

I highly recommend her for any relationship issues you may be dealing with. No, it was not a become an instant success, or a become instantly better person type of thing. Lee administers tools; she identifies what the tool is, how to use it and most importantly, which tool to apply to what problem area. He has done a great job in helping me to raise awareness, address anxiety, integrate my thoughts, and determine action plan with courage and commitment.

These and many other evidence-based, therapeutic techniques will be used to help you create the life you want.

If you are challenged by any of the following, call us today: * Relationship issues * Recovery * Depression * Anxiety * Grief/Loss * Body image issues * Difficulty connecting to your life’s purpose I am a professional career/life coach and workshop facilitator who assists individuals and groups from all over the country in gaining clarity, confidence and direction in their career and lives.

I take my clients through a 5-step process of discovering who they are, clarifying their direction, exploration and planning, working through challenges and obstacles, and maintaining momentum as they work toward their goals.

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