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Point-and-click adventure games are those where the player typically controls their character through a point-and-click interface using a computer mouse or similar pointing device, though additional control schemes may also be available.

According to the media, “stoners” come in two types: they’re either buffoonish and harmless or comedic and brilliant.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the characteristics that define the marijuana world, with a specific focus on the truths that make these people so annoying to mainstream society.

Or maybe you’re the skeez we’ve all been talking about?

“Let me lecture you about how weed is less dangerous than alcohol…” Oh shut up!

If I didn’t hear somebody gasp or sigh when I brought up Tinder in a conversation, I saw disapproving comments and articles all over Facebook or Twitter.

Originally published in the Spring of 2015, it released in paperback this January!

Even when they say, “Let’s get weird,” they think they’re being ironic, but most us shudder because we know it’s the truth.

” Just once I’d like to have someone give me an honest answer: “I’m a lazy bum of a college dropout loser who jerks off all day while watching Workaholics and packing bongs.

We can probably agree that not all dates go as expected.

They’ve muscled in to our political debates and have even laid claim to huge portions of the internet for their very own.

Shit, I think she’s listening outside my bedroom door right now!

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