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The licensing fee is based on factors such as the usage, industry, duration, media and geographic distribution.

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Prehistoric Persia had been the host to various important cultures, influential east and west, and most of them originally deriving from Central Asia rather than the west.

The land is large, rugged and much is occupied by near-desert, but with areas of rich farmland and mineral resources.

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It controlled the routes west–east, the only alternatives being north of the Caspian Sea in areas whose topography rather dictated that they were the territory of nomads rather than armies or city-businessmen, or by sea around Arabia, not to be much exploited by merchants or others until centuries AD.

Between Persia and Anatolia lay Mesopotamia (Assyria/Babylonia) the home of the oldest sophisticated civilizations of western Asia; and southwest there was Egypt, but in relative decline by the 6th century BC.

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It has inevitably held a pivotal position in world politics (of whatever size the given ‘world’) from antiquity to the present day, when its culture (non-Arab, Islamic) and resources can still shake the confidence of self-styled ‘world leaders’.

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