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Each has a community organization that works together with Indus Earth in an effort to improve the quality of life for their people.

Financially supported by partner institutions such as PPAF [Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund], WWF [World Wildlife Federation], CIDA, and the Japanese government, Indus Earth took up the challenge of poverty alleviation for the poorest of the poor in 2001 with the simple, and matter-of-fact slogan: ‘It needs to be done!

A clay pitcher, before it is finally prepared for carrying water, is buried in the ground.

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This village is Abdullah Goth, Kemari Town, Karachi District, Sindh with a total population of 1,200 inhabitants where the founder and CEO of Indus Earth, Shahid Sayeed Khan drove me in his Suzuki jeep at dawn.

There are many other villages – in hundreds – like Abdullah Goth along the coastal areas of Sind and Balochistan in Pakistan.

Edmunds has a reputation of exceeding expectations for quality & customer service with a complete line of sheet metal Edmunds Metal Works has been my go to fabricator for the past 10 years on a variety of projects.

They have provided me with prototyping, custom fabrication, and production work along with powder coating components for small and large construction projects throughout the Southeast of the US.

Income from the sea is on the decline owing to over fishing and pollution.

Indus Earth suggested that as an alternative source they should look to the land.

In a small fishermen village, at nightfall, off the coast of Sind, children gather around a solar powered LED light pole to read; women gather to sow; and men gather to discuss the day gone by.

This is a village which has never seen electricity.

Any plantation within this moist ground will grow prolifically.

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