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Heimburger sold the house for $260,000 in 2011 to a developer who wanted to split it up into several units, much to the relief of neighbors, who were fed up with the squatters.

Heimburger now lives in London as a writer, editor and illustrator — not a tragic outcome, but still, her dreams of running a spooky B&B were unrealized.

Even overnight millionaires who don't sign away their money often end up unhappy; stories of legal trouble, greedy friends and family, and even tragic deaths are chock-a-block. Here's a look at a number of folks who made a quick fortune, what they bought, and how things turned out for them.

It is so common for lottery winners to suffer tragedies that the Web is full of lists like Time's collection of Unluckiest Lottery Winners, which includes Chicago's Urooj Khan, who was poisoned right after receiving his check. Name: Kevin Lewis How he got rich: Someone with the same name won a drawing What he spent it on: Paying other people's bills In August 2013, a curious story hit the media: A Cincinnati casino ended up giving away not one but two million-dollar grand prizes when it initially awarded a giant check to someone with the same name as the intended winner.

In fact, the National Foundation for Financial Education estimates that 70% of people who suddenly come into large amounts of money lose it within a few years.

His job was to buy lotto winners' annuities for a fraction of their value, giving shortsighted winners a quick hit of cash and thereby helping them pour the bulk of their money down the drain.

While Heimburger worked on the West Coast, someone snuck into the castle and set it on fire, doing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

It was insured, but repairs did not proceed swiftly, perhaps because the economy tanked, or perhaps because of the owner's distance from the property.

She hosted at least a couple parties there with hundreds of guests.

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