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However, crushing all the gay rumors with Lee Pace, he is now an engaged man to his girlfriend turned fiancée Samantha Colley.

The 45 years old English actor kept it all a secret but eventually it all got out.

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With all of his work throughout his career, Richard has successfully managed to gather a net worth of $13 million dollars.

The couple have been dating for more than six months, having hit it off after meeting at the gym, according to friends and acquaintances at the Hobson-Lucas wedding. Daley, who was mayor for 22 years, retreated from politics in the spring of 2011. She trained as a resident at Cook County Hospital and in a transitional-year program at St. In 2010, when Cobbs was 38 years old, Daley appointed her to the Chicago Board of Health, a position she still holds, according to the department’s website.

They got married in 2008 and recently purchased a property in Visalia, California.

Probably one of the most famous gay couples in the history of show business, Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi put tremendous energy into fighting for the rights of the LGBT community.

It has been commented that she has a normal, as opposed to skeletal, body.

It has been reported that the romantic part of their relationship is over, but that they have a very strong friendship and are very supportive of each other. Here are some of the most powerful LGBTQ couples in show biz.Who doesn’t know George Takei, the famous actor who played Mr. The actor found the love of his life, Brad Altman, after he joined a gay running club to get fit for film role.The one thing that we know for sure about her is that she does not like to be the center of public attention. Maybe they are just a couple who enjoy their time together away from public glare. Annabel has been the only woman positively identified as a girlfriend of Richard’s. However, Richard has not yet taken the liberty to tell everyone how they were introduced to each other, where they met for the first time and when. However, a source claims that the couple first met on the sets of The Crucible which seems to be true enough because, in April of 2014, news came that Richard Armitage and Samantha Colley will be playing together in The Crucible which was said to be the year’s most important theatrical production.

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