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Robert and Holly soon fell in love after Holly miscarried and needed comfort and understanding from Robert. He became angry with Robert after learning he married Holly.

The two men became estranged and butted heads again. Two people from Robert's past returned to his life.

Holly learned she was pregnant with Luke's child and was about to be deported to England.

Robert bonded with 6-year old Robin when she lived with him for awhile for protection from kidnappers.

Robert patched up some of his differences with Anna for Robin's sake as well as with Sean Donely who saved his life once again. A year later he returned to investigate who was targeting Anna for assassination.

Robert had brief relationships with Tiffany Hill and Jackie Templeton.

Tragedy soon struck home when Luke's wife Laura was presumed to have drowned in the Port Charles River one night and died.

He eventually returned to live in Port Charles more permanently after Holly was presumed dead after a plane crash in Australia.

Robert started working as a private investigator but eventually took his old job back as police commissioner.

Luke later found comfort and intimacy with a beautiful British woman named Holly Sutton.

Another bizarre twist of fate happened later when Luke was caught in the middle of an avalanche and presumed dead.

Over a decade later it was revealed that Anna Scorpio was alive and she reunited with her daughter Robin and brother-in-law Mac.

She told them that Robert was dead even though no body was recovered.

Later, the WSB informed everyone that Robert, Anna, and Faison were killed in a boat explosion in South America.

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