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Initially, these pools only have one connection to prevent the creation of many connections.

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The feature “pass-through session credentials” is only for queries.

You have to provide the credentials that the Server will use to connect to the database during the introspection process (i.e.

logs in with ), Virtual Data Port will only use her user name and password.

In this case, either indicating the domain is not mandatory or the URL of the data source has to include the domain.

The data types capable of storing all the UTF-8 characters use more disk space in the database.

“Metadata” tab In the Metadata tab, you can set the folder where the data source will be stored and provide a description.

It covers the following topics: Important The queries involving this data source could fail if you enable pass-through session credentials, and on the Active Directory, the user account of the Virtual Data Port server is configured to use constrained delegation, and the user connects to the Server with Kerberos authentication.

The section Connecting to a JDBC Source with Kerberos Authentication provides more details about this.

Constrained delegation is a feature of Active Directory that allows you to configure a service account to obtain Kerberos tickets on behalf of a user but just for a subset of services instead of for any service.

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