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In 2012 I had 2 heart attacks and put on Dialysis, for life. Bancorp Chairman, President, and CEO) Dear President and CEO. My name Guo Qing Tam from Los Angeles, CA., I am sorry I disturb you valuable time. She contacted Annette by email, and I could tell by the response Annette was not going to help. 2017 – impossible to get human contact with any executive who can help. because this situation is now unbearable because that change for us the clients that speak Spanish … PLEASE WE NEED IN CUSTUMER SERVICE IN SPANISH WHEN THE $$$ YOU SPEAK YOU NEED TO UNDESTAND WELL THANKS Reply I have been a customer with US bank for over 7 years.

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No one can give me any answers as to why my money has not been returned.

All the branch can tell me is we have done all we can do. This has been a Very unexceptable means of handling your consumers who trust you with their money.

Now my rent is usally taken out on the 5th or 6th of each month and if he suspends my accountil for his own over zealousness by putting such an ambiguous date as that to show a state ID He’s not what I consider a person but a form of a dictator.. In almost every department, including my local “Branch Manager”. I spoke with about 10 different people and got 10 different answers with each person.

If you can nor afford me this time to get what I need then I’ll haveno other option but to pull my mone out and I was planning on getting my pension fund transferred to my account also .. They placed a hold on my deposit because they’ve had issues with where the check came from.

We are encountering less than helpful employees when we contact via phone. On February 23, 2018 I returned and spoke to Annette Silvestri, Assistant Manager.

We met with the branch manager and now after multiple phone calls, he has not returned our calls. She said they were going to get deposit into my account by the end of the week. I have made three calls and each time I have been told a manager would call back.

I had called USBank on that date, to transfer my balance from another card. I went to a different US Bank location to see if they could help. Reply OMG HOPE PLEASE SOMEBODY READ THIS …in September, which was my last happy call, everything became a nightmare day after day I try to communicate with someone in Spanish, not with a translator ..

About 2 weeks later I received a call from USBank, stating that I shouldn’t have my card, because they (USBank) doesn’t serve CT. They cancled the card and I’m still making the payments 28 years later. I was told that they did not enter the information correctly. because if before the month of September whenever I had to call very gently I would answer in Spanish now not the people in English when one asks for someone who speaks Spanish they are looking for a translator …

With so many banking/financing institutions available, I’m worried about our future with US Bank. On March 1, 2018, I spoke to Annette Silvestri again and was assured deposit would be in my account within the next few days. Last call was today and was assured I would get a call before the end of the day.

Reply CEO Andy Cecere I’m writing to you for some reliaf, acc# 4147808565121748, since 10/09. I returned March 9, 2018 and Annette said they were still working on the “problem.” I asked if this was a scam and Annette seemed taken back by the question. Bancorp has been AWFUL and I will not recommend them to any of my associates. No call, trying to get an issue resolved on my home equity loan ne of credit.

I’m reading that there may be a class action law suit against US Bank and this is troubling.

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