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Taking care of holloware isn't the time consuming chore that some make it out to be. The side script and the scarce manufacturer enhance the value of this beauty. A Santa Fe syrup pitcher with attached tray in the diamond design. This predates Santa Fe items; Santa Fe Route pieces are rare. Southern Pacfic "Daylight" chafing dish or food warmer.

Most hardware and antique stores sell a product called "Never Dull". The wooden handle unscrews to fill the bottom tank with hot water.

Dating such pieces can be accomplished in various ways, depending on the manufacturer.

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Flatware refers to the knives, forks, spoons and sugar tongs on the table.

Holloware was usually silver-plated nickel or brass and, occasionally, sterling for business cars.

For example, a sugar bowl with nicks from being bumped by other pieces can be fixed. Southern Pacific "Daylight" celery dish with huge top logo. * Note This article by Rick Wright first appeared in the Spring 1999 "Railroadiana Express", a publication of the Railroadiana Collectors Association Incorporated or RCAI. Rick Wright is past president of RCAI, and we thank him for permission to reprint his article here for all collectors to learn from and enjoy.

Tell the silversmith to polish the nicks out and stay away from the logo or bottom mark, then resilver the whole piece. A Santa Fe Route dustpan by Harrison & Howson from the early 1900s.

First, items that contain very noticeable dents cannot be easily filled in or pounded out due to the thick walls of the piece.

Second, if a piece has been resilvered and has a weak logo or side mark, it isn't because the logo was filled in with too much silver.

Keep in mind that initial orders of holloware included pieces that were never reordered, making them more valuable today.

If you find a desirable holloware item that is in less-than-excellent condition, it's a good idea to know something of silverware restoration before investing in it.

Such holloware was also used in depot eating houses and in the general offices of the railroads.

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