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By Laura Holzwarth Performance issues are some of our biggest call generators.Users get frustrated with Excel when they upgrade to later versions.

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Typically these links are unnecessary to the workbook, and slow down the opening of the Excel file.

You can use these tools to see hidden defined names that we can’t see in the Excel interface.

With the new bigger grid, this same formula is referencing over 10 million cells. Shapes: When copy and pasting data from various locations, such as websites and other applications, hidden objects can be copied into the Excel file.

These objects can cause performance issues in the spreadsheet.

COM add-ins (DLLs) run in-process with Excel, just like VBA so the overhead of working with Excel objects is similar.

VBA and VB6 are basically the same product and execution speed of the actual language seems to be similar.Macros and VBA: If you have a macro that worked until Excel 2010, check out the following link for the Object Model changes: certainly could be more issues that can affect performance issues in Excel, but these are the most common.There seems generally to be some confusion about what VBA is and what its uses and limitations are.To clean up excess formatting use the Excess Format cleaner found there for more information see the following KB How to reset the last cell in Excel Personal.xls: If you are using a personal macro template located in the XLStart Folder, you will want to make sure that you open it in the latest version of Excel, do a full calculation, and save it as a If you don’t do this, it calculates each time you open Excel, slowing down the open process.XLSB extension: If you have large files that take a long time to open (after their first calculate and save –number 1 in this list), try saving the file with an extension.If anyone has an example of VB6 being faster than VBA that we can test contact us.

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