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Cox the advice to pick one medical student and connect with them, he becomes jealous when Perry takes an interest in Drew Suffin. Even though he is very goofy and emotionally bizarre, J. is still human and longs for love and companionship. has been involved with Jordan, Alex Hanson, Molly and Lisa, all employees of Sacred Heart. He shares stories and anecdotes about things he likes and dislikes with his coworkers, friends, and complete strangers. enjoys many things: appletinis, pirates, unicorns, cute baby animal imagery. On the other hand, he strongly dislikes many things, including pennies, robots, water parks, and jiggly ball. announced he was leaving Sacred Heart, Turk got upset because the two had never been separated for more than a couple of weeks .

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He is currently working as Residency Director at St. He narrates nearly all of the episodes, and viewers also get to see inside his mind as he has the tendency to daydream. It is assumed she has been born since then and that he is still working at St.

was a doctor of medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital for eight years until he moved to be closer to his son, Sammy. He was harassed by The Janitor on a regular basis before leaving Sacred Heart. He is first seen in the pilot episode "My First Day" and is seen in 167 of 168 episodes. is last seen in "Our Stuff Gets Real" as he and Elliot are expecting their baby girl. John Michael Dorian is the Residency Director at St. He claims that the reason he got into medicine was a high school teacher named Mr.

Cox's life that he even got Jordan to name her second child Jennifer Dylan (so she, too, would be J. He was almost Jennifer Dylan's godfather, though Dr.

took up the job of the guy who nags him to get things done around the hospital, and is seemingly successful in these endeavors when he gets Sunny to trick Dr Cox into telling her that he believes J. to be "the best doctor to go through the hospital" because of how much he cared, and that he was not only an extraordinary physician but also an extraordinary person; he saw him as a friend.

and the Janitor always seem to be at odds, but the Janitor seems to almost always come out on top. D., usually with the intention of making him look like a fool. brings these actions upon himself by feeling superior to people like the Janitor and generally considers him a punk. Even though they shared one drunken kiss, Carla is one of the rare people in Sacred Heart that J. The couple has a rocky start and the relationship is really put to the test when she reveals that she is pregnant right after their first date.

The Janitor uses lies, pranks, and sometimes clever schemes to trick J. before, but only in rare cases Carla Espinosa has been a friend and helping hand for J. As he grew as a doctor, he realized that he was surpassing Carla's expertise, but to this day respects her for her many years at the hospital and her dedication and skill . D., but often complains about how he and Turk act so immature, and are sometimes more of a couple than her and Turk. However, they maintain a strong friendship and often the two of them go out together, and usually have a lot of fun . The two decide it's best to make up for the sake of the child, and move in together and decide on a name for the child . However, they remain on generally good terms and J.

However, Cox knows that he needs to be a role model for J. D.'s father, Sam Dorian, passes away, Cox comforts him in his time of sadness . Cox rarely jive, but because they share a common goal in their professions and sometimes a common enemy, they are brought together to be a good team.

and the independent and masculine personality of Dr.

D.'s scooter and kidnapping and locking him in a water tower for a day. After Kim moves to Tacoma for another job she reveals to J.

Cox has begun to treat him as more of a friend and an equal. At first, it seemed as if the Janitor was always gunning for J. These pranks have ranged from relatively harmless to criminal, the most extreme of which involved the Janitor destroying J. is such an emotional person he lashes out in angry pouting yells. They debate about keeping the baby or not, but ultimately choose to keep it.

is married to Elliot Reid and is best friends with Christopher Turk. Cox, but less so since becoming an equal in their profession. Kelso's leadership, where he often sought Carla Espinosa's advice. is the main protagonist of Scrubs and is portrayed by Zach Braff.

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