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For example, the handler in the following example is triggered if the user says something like "I'd like to roll some dice".

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That Bill Clinton is still celebrated in the time of #Me Too is gross. In the early 1930's Zora Neale Hurston interviewed the last surviving captive brought to the US on a slave ship. (Think about the fact that someone brought to the US on a slave ship was alive in 1930)…

makes it easy for developers to build applications and devices that you can talk or text to.

For an example of how to use a rich card in a bot, see Add rich card attachments to messages.

The code in the following sections comes from a sample Cortana skill for rolling dice.

I asked if Jeff Berman, who lobbied for GEO Group (private prisons where children are held an abused) & Keystone Pipeline, should be a member of the DNC and a Democratic Super Delegate. 28 black workmen properly reburied hundreds of corpses from a mass grave & built a fence around the racetrack that was a prison camp in the war. Kf MMNmivo - Built out of control deportation force & left it for Trump - 10 million Americans thrown out of their homes by banks - Flint still does not have clean water - Police beat and tear gassed native men & women for months on behalf of an oil company and he sat back and watched. Mc Cain voted for Bush's agenda 90% of the time. Will the #NFL close all concession & souvenir stands to force those employees to stand during the anthem?

Memorial Day was started when black men & women organized to honor Union soldiers in Charleston SC in 1865. Mc Cain voted for and pushed a war that killed 1 million people.Spoken messages from your bot are represented as Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML).The Bot Builder SDK lets you include SSML in your bot's responses to control what the bot says, in addition to what it shows.Mc Cain voted for Trump's agenda 83% of the time. Or is it not really about respecting the anthem but about forcing black players to keep quiet and do what they are told to appease Trump and racist fans?In 1960 Eleanor Roosevelt took on JFK and the Democratic establishment.For the visual component, Cortana provides an area of the canvas for rendering content such as cards.

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